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Can Simple Assault Charges Be Dropped In Pa?

How To Drop Simple Assault Charges In Pa

In Pennsylvania, the crime of Simple Assault is a Misdemeanor which, depending on the circumstances, makes it punishable for up to five years in prison. It most cases, it is charged when a person attempts to cause, or intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person. It can also be charged when a person negligently causes bodily injury to another by deadly weapon, or if a person puts another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

Simple Assaults are serious offenses designed to protect people from violence and injury. As a result, the police and prosecutors take these charges seriously and work hard to vigorously prosecute. That said, in my 18 years of both prosecuting and defending individuals charged with Simple Assault, I can tell you that there are times when the charge simply doesn’t apply or there is a viable defense.

When I represent people charged with Simple Assault, I start by focusing on the basics. I want to determine if anyone was hurt and what the extent of the injuries were. I want to try to determine if the injures resulted from an accident or an intentional act. Finally, I want to know if my client was defending him or herself when the injuries occurred. I have had a lot of success over the years beating simple assault charges for my clients by convincing the prosecution that the crime does not apply to the basic facts.

There is no disputing that you need a seasoned defense attorney if faced with a Simple Assault charge. I urge you to contact me if you have been charged so we can set up a free consultation. I am a former Montgomery County, PA Assistant District Attorney and have been representing people charged with major crimes for over 15 years. I am trial tested and, in a profession where results matter, I get results.

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